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Where to invest to buy Bitcoin?

Most people right now want to invest in this cryptocurrency, but are afraid of the risk involved in buying to particulars, for this reason we will present you some ways to properly buy Bitcoin to start investing.


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that has a fee of 1$ to 3$ depending on the dollar value of the exchange. This is the most used exchanger and one of the easiest to use for US residents. It has a variety of altcoin and very high liquidity.

This is a way to avoid fraud and shady exchanges and some level of security in its wallets and carry insurance against hacking of their assets. However, the user does not control wallet keys. This issue can be avoided if the investors withdraw their currency to their hard or phone wallet

It has a pro subscription with more chart options and features for advanced users. This feature permits its users to place limits and stop orders with lower commission fees compared to regular Coinbase users.

Also, it is great for scalping as pro version shows candles as short as 1-minute changes, and can place some overlay.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

GBTC permits qualified investors to buy bitcoin shares from grayscale, then after six months they are allowed to sell those shares on public markets under the GBTC ticker. A Grayscale share is valued solely around bitcoin value, but a share represents 0.001 Bitcoin.

This means that the lockup on the shares that were sold approximately six months ago in January and February are going to start being sold the next few weeks, since price of bitcoin has gotten to its historical highest.   

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Although that this isn’t new to the cryptocurrency trading environment, the thing is that in past January and February the demand for the trust was very high as bitcoin was non-stop rising.

Keep in mind that, this is a projection but GBTC investors from six months ago are expected to sell at least some of their shares, also recent fluctuations on bitcoin prices have been going down from its all-time high of $64,000 to almost half that price.

Most likely fluctuations on bitcoin’s price will continue to show up, and this is a battle of different detractors and investors since the mixed messages by Elon Musk and China’s recent crackdown has made Bitcoin very profitable.

Grayscale trust is one of the riskiest ways to buy bitcoin, nevertheless premium prices of shares sell at a 9% discount, but the discounts were about 20% this year.


This platform is very similar to a stock exchange and allows trading cryptocurrency by retail and large groups of investors and traders.

The kraken marketplace participants are allowed to use various fiat currencies like euros, Canadian dollars, Japanese yens and US dollars to buy cryptocurrencies.

Kraken platform offers various features and has one of the most advanced order systems and trading tools with stop loss and automated strategy trading. Its partnership with TradingView allows for clear reading of charts and overlays.