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Top 5 Richest in the World by 2021

Top 5 Richest in the World by 2021

So far, we are barely halfway through 2021, and 3 men have competed for the top for the title of richest man in the world. In addition to that, despite the seriousness of the global situation, new millionaires have appeared all over the world.

With an economy so changing and volatile with the appearance of the coronavirus, the rise of bitcoin and events that generate new millionaires such as the GameStop case, one can only think who are these people and how do they maintain their position?

Bernard arnault

If you are surprised that Jeff Bezos isn’t in the first place is because the first and the second place are interchangeable right now as the French businessman Bernard Arnault rose to the top last month.

Since then, the president of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy has been bouncing back and forth between second and first place. With a net worth estimated at 186.300 billion dollars, the LVMH conglomerate and its excellent management during the pandemic, led its 72 years old president to this well-deserved spot.

Jeff Bezos

For 5 years consecutively Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, was the first centibillionaire on Forbes magazine, and has been the richest man for 5 years consecutively.

The economic projections of his businesses tell that this will be no different this year. This is because people work, buy products, read online books and watch movies at home as a consequence of the pandemic and this is helping Amazon’s economic growth.

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Elon Musk

Elon musk is a man that has changed the world 3 times.

  • First, he created PayPal and enabled a safe way for the world to pay for services and products.
  • Then his company SpaceX designed the cheapest way to go to space with his reusable rockets.
  • And lastly changed the car industries by creating fast, reliable and attractive electric cars.

This will not be the last time that he changes the world as the Starlink, and Spaces X Mars arrival projects are on the horizon.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the co-founder of the world’s largest personal computer’s software company Microsoft. He has always been a sort of advisor for the company’s CEOs that succeeded him.

Right now, he pursues more philanthropic projects to help stop climate change and help develop global health, education and economy.

Mark Zuckerberg

During the pandemic Mark Zuckerberg’s company Facebook has been growing steadily, this is because it has some tools to connect people and help them develop their online business.

Being the owner of the largest big data information archive, and promoting space exploration and human development, Mark Zuckerberg has been focused on the news and countries’ legal courts.

These individuals although have some competition between them are able to maintain their positions because each one have the largest company of their category. For example, Bernard Arnault in luxury products or Elon Musk in technological and scientific development and Jeff Bezos in sales.


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