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How Dan Zanger Made so Much Money?

Dan Zanger is a technical analyst and at the same time an equity investor who after having converted $10,700 into more than $18 million between June 1998 and December 1999 holds the world record.

A record that still holds, having obtained the largest revaluation of capital that any personal portfolio there could obtain in a period of time of 12 months, in that sense achieved a revaluation of more than 29,000%.

And this is not the only thing, in just 2 years I managed to convert 11 thousand dollars into more than 42 million dollars, Forbes and stocks and commodity, make extensive articles about his style of investing in the stock market and his personality.


Dan zanger grew up in the San Fernando area, of the valley, in the angels; His father was a doctor and his mother was a psychologist.

He started college, but dropped out of school, to devote himself to snow skiing, for some years in Colorado.

In his 20s he worked in various trades such as bellboys, taxi driver and cook, to finally move to angels without education, or professional tradel. But he later got a contract to build swimming pools, where he began to live modestly.

Beginnings Of Your Investments in the Stock Exchange

With the sale of his porch for a figure of 11 thousand dollars and thanks to the study of the behavior of the shares in the stock market, he managed to monetize them in just over 18 million dollars, with this success zanger was able to become a full-time trader, leaving behind his work as a contractor.

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In 1998 he created his own website called, through which Dan Zanger sent a report, with his latest selections of investments and analysis, through which he has managed to get some of its members to earn more than 1 million dollars.

Stock Market Investment Style

Zanger specializes in combining   chart patterns with fast-growing companies, which account for largeprofits and offer growth in revenue from these stocks andthen offer high profits sometimes hundreds of times at the purchase price or even more.

Dan Zanger is a purely technical traitor and the foundation of his style is technical analysis, for which the only thing that counts is the price, but also the volume that moves the values of the quotes, uses the daily charts and pays special importance to the areas of support and resistance and also to the trend lines.

He looks at which sectors are evolving best and which are the values that offer the best expectations and within these sectors and values he chooses the leaders, as he has always stated the financial markets are the passion of his life and the actions his closest friends.

Interestingly, it took Mr. Dan Zanger 20 years to become an instant success, a clear example of persistence and to analyse the path very well, that is to say the process and not just the result.