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Dash Coin

As many will know bitcoin is not a perfect cryptocurrency, there are many others that achieve the qualities that the first cryptocurrency lacks, for example, the problem of privacy and others manage to improve the speed of transactions, but there is one that offers these two qualities together and even a little more and it is Dash coin.

This cryptocurrency was created by Evan Datil January 18, 2014, and was originally released with coin and renamed to dark coin in February 2014, to finally decide on its current name dash coin March 25, 2015.

It is derived from bitcoin, the essentially digital cash dash currency that works exactly cormophysical cash, except that they are exchanged on a highly secure and decentralized pier to pier network.

It should be noted that it was designed to have a total supply of 18 million coins, 2 million of which were extracted during its primer day and about 2 million 500 thousand of which are in circulation.

Because the dash code is based on that of bitcoin, dash is compatible with all existing cryptocurrency exchange wallets, originally developed for bitcoin.


In 2010 the founder ran into bitcoin, that is a year after its creation, however, its founder spent a lot of time looking for information about the controversial bitcoin currency.

Dash enters the scene due to the problem of fungibility and privacy that bitcoin presents, since cryptocurrencies were supposed to be to create anonymity and greater privacy in transactions.

That’s why what started for dash first as a hobbit became his main source of work, dedicating his full time to him.

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Distribution of finances

When it comes to the dash block reward, 45% goes to the miners, in exchange for the security they provide.

The other 45% go to the masters’ notes.

The remaining 10% goes to the treasury, which is one million dollars a year, which is distributed among developers, merchants and anyone who is approved for a project.


  • Private transactions.
  • Fast transactions.
  • Greater anonymity inoperations.

Dash coin features    

As with bitcoin the dash ecosystem is powered by its nodes, however, unlike bitcoin, dash uses not one, but 2 types of nodes.

The regular nodes perform all the extraction, which create new coins in the network, while the master nodes, are responsible for maintaining a copy of the blockchain at all times and specialized transactions.

On the one hand, bitcoin has a single-level network, while dash uses a two-tier network, where the first layer is completed by the so-called miners, who secure the network and the second layer by the masternodes, who are responsible for more complex operations and vital functionalities of the network.

Dash in addition to having strict levels of privacy guarantees the fungibility of its tokens, since it has a function called private change, in which the master nodes intervene and these are responsible for generating the connection between a sender and a recipient in that change.