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Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

Whether it is because you are starting in the world of cryptocurrencies or you have invested perhaps in coins that have been stuck, for not having good projects and ended up not meeting your expectations, then we will offer you a set of cryptocurrencies that suggest a good investment for their characteristics.

Polygon With their Matic Coin

This is a very effective solution to solve the well-known scalability problems of Ethereum, this blockchain is able with its multi-chain system to perform fast transactions at a much lower cost.

The Matic token serves to secure the system and allow to govern with good control said system.

This project seeks to stimulate the maximum adoption of cryptocurrencies by solving, scalability problems in many blockchain.

Thanks to its architecture this platform solves compatibility problems presented by other less scalable blockchains such as Ethereum, this being a solution to a real problem that exists in the market today.

It is important to mention the use that this platform had, such as polygon has managed to exceed the number of transactions to the binance Smart chain, which many know is one of the most used networks.

In addition to many news about new projects forming alliances or integrating their services with the polygon network to increase more and more their use cases and popularity, such as integration with Google.

This cryptocurrency has managed to position itself in the 15th position with the largest market capitalization, when no one expected it.

Theta cryptocurrency

This is a decentralized video and streaming platform with a great team behind it, where you can see the co-founders of twitch and YouTube advising the main people of this project.

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In addition to this it has great partners such as Google, Samsung and even Nasa, doing daily streaming within the platform, some of the most striking things is that there are great projects for this platform with its mainnet 3.0.

That new mainnet 3.0 brings a new currency called Tfuel, which proposes to function as the fuel to make machar this new version of the platform, with new functions, such as the creation of a decentralized market within the platform, where you can trade non-fungible tokens, from video games and that allow you to earn money with them.

Cardano with its cryptocurrency ADA

Despite believing that it is a very obviouschoice, we must keep in mind that it is always a good time to invest a little here and more now as smart contracts are getting closer and closer.

Cardano is a blockchain of smart contracts that aims to make a change in the world, by trying to achieve the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts in addition to, of course, dethroning Ethereum which seems to be the biggest goal of the founder of this project.

Some predictions say that, if smart contracts are properly developed within this blockchain, it could equal and even exceed the capitalization of Ethereum markets. In addition to if many of those good projects that loe out start to be executed, it could exceed expectations and end up producing a few extra tokens from this platform.